Wheel Refurbishment

Our specialist wheel refurbishing services help you to remove chips, scratches and curb marks from your wheels making them look factory new once again.

Advances in alloy wheel refurbishment technologies make it possible for bolted wheels and split rim wheels to undergo previously restricted repair services. Because these more car owners have employed routine refurbishment services to improve the condition and value of their mobile alloy wheels.

Advances in color-coding have also allowed repair specialists to improve the condition and value of alloy wheels. Color-coding is the process that matches mobile alloy wheels to the vehicle paintwork. Using an advanced refurbishment system, repair specialists are able to offer unique color-coding options. (If a car owner does not want to use the original framework color, most repair specialists will use a design work or pattern chosen by the car owner).

All wheels are given a full factory refurbishment, returning them to their original factory fresh condition.  We do not offer the cosmetic surface repairs undertaken by SMART or mobile operators and our wheel refurb process delivers long lasting results.

We can return almost any wheel to a standard indistinguishable from new or, if you prefer, we can provide a different finish or even a custom paint job.  On a daily basis we deal with the entire spectrum of wheel types;  one piece painted or diamond cut, chrome or two tone finish, split rims, etc.

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